10 Things You Didn't Know About Me


I hope this new post finds you all well. I've been thinking that a lot of you might not know me that well, however likely it is the people reading this are either my mother or aunty. But in the chance its not here are 10 things you don't know about me. 

1. DISNEY crazy. I can't wait for the day I have a little girl to watch Disney Princess films with as my 6 year old son is not as much a fan of them as I am. I know all the songs to all the movies and will sing them at the top of my voice.  

2. I make pretty excellent cakes! FACT 

3. I dance round the house like a mad woman for the opening credits of Game of Thrones. I have a full on routine that I dance just before the program starts. God only knows why, but I just started doing it one day now I do it all the time.

4. I have Misophonia meaning "hatred of sound", in which negative emotions (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds. I can't help it but I get serious anger issues when listening to a certain someone snore and god forbid a person who chews loudly, ahhhhh it genuinely is my worst nightmare. 

5. I ADORE make up. Although I don't wear it everyday, (I mean, who only puts a bit of mascara and blusher on! Or in my case who has time to apply primer, concealer, couture, foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, and the perfect winged eye make up, not me thats for sure.) I have a make up bag the size of a small dog that weighs more than I can be bothered to carry around with me, unless I'm considering an arm work out. 

But on the odd occasion I have some serious make up time, here is the amazingly talented MUA JadeyWadey I follow on Instagram, where I get all my inspiration. Her work is flawless, as you can see from her before & after shots, check her out on instagram. 

6. And what goes hand in hand with make up, HALLOWEEN of course. If it looks scary, requires fake blood or is just down right weird, I'm there! My favourite gal to follow on Instagram is Mykie, we have a mutual love for zombies and her SFX work is amazing. The best thing about it is she has a youtube channel were she gives you tutorials on how to create the looks, so next time you need help with your halloween costume check it out....

Here is my handy work on my brother 2 halloweens ago.

Here is my handy work on my brother 2 halloweens ago.


7. My guilty pleasure is zombies, I could binge watch The Walking Dead for a month and still not be bored of it, and don't even get me started on World War Z. Brad Pitt and zombies, whats not to love? Every Monday me and my father watch The Walking Dead together, and it has become a weekly ritual in our house. 

8. When I was 16 I bought a dog and made my mother go over to Wales to pick him up and bring him back to Jersey, without telling my father, who went (in no uncertain terms) absolutely ballistic. I'm still in the dog house (pun intended) to this day. After spending 3 months with this cute little puppy you see in the picture he became more than a 17-year-old wanted to handle and so I did what every smart teenager would do, I generously rehoused him at my parents' house. Here is just a few facts about our wonderful (if only you could here the sarcasm in my writing) Dexter = Satan's Hound. 

Dexter = Satins Hound 

Dexter = Satins Hound 

1    He Barks incessantly. 

2    He has the softest, fluffiest fur that will get matted just looking at a rug, which then requires mother to cut out big patches of fur giving him the worst haircut ever!

3    He won't eat dog food. He only eats our food, a lot of the time getting the best cuts of meat for dinner.

4    He is such a pampered pooch, he gets better treatment from mother than the rest of us.

5    He will bite at the ankles of any intruder, mainly building workers and postmen, but give him a pat on the head and he's your best friend.

9. I met the love of my life when I was 8, no joke! He lived 63 steps away from my house and I remember the first time we were introduced by our mutual friend Justin. Little did I know 9 years after meeting we would start our own journey together, and then becoming husband and wife 9 years after that. Almost 20 years we've known each other and I feel so incredibly lucky knowing he picked me to spend the rest of his life with.

10. In the almost 10 years we have been together, I have never been on holiday with just Danny, it has always been with friends or family much like an old world courtship, whereupon the entire family would chaperon. Finally we are set to go on honeymoon in March next year, marking our first holiday as just us two. Vietnam/Thailand here we come.


Much Love