I've arrived! A long time in the making but still, it's better late than never, or thats what they tell me. So it's been a busy 12 months for me. Finally, 10 years and a beautiful baby boy later, I said: "I do" to my best friend (I know, I know, pass me the sick bucket).

 Lovely Days has undoutably been forgotten in the mean time, but we're back now and here to stay, so with our new website up and running and my journal now in full swing, there should be plenty to keep you beautiful people (feel free to choose an appropriate word. Any of the following should do) - happy, inspired, captivated). 

I'm not gifted at writing - it just doesn't come too me as easily as colour palettes, flowers and textiles do, so instead of writing a blog I've decided to write something more reminiscent of a journal or diary talking about what I've been up to, what is inspiring me and where my mind has wandered off too.  

I look forward to sharing my artistry with you and hope you enjoy these small moments in time with me.


Mr & Mrs B.jpg

Much Love


(AKA Mrs B)